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Daily K2 Newspaper 23 July 2024 GB News Today

Daily K2Daily K2 is an ABC certified Urdu Language Pakistani Newspaper published by KPN (Karakorum Publishing Network) originated from the green valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. Daily K2 newspaper was launched by Raja Husain on 31st July 2013. K2 newspaper is being published in Gilgit, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Abbottabad and Karachi but it's headquarter is in Gilgit Baltistan. The circulation of Daily K2 in Gilgit is ahead of all the collective local newspapers in it. This great acceptance among the people shows its popularity in a very short span of time. The Chief Editor and the pioneer of K2 Daily Newspaper is Raja Hussain Khan Maqpoon who is accompanied by Sahadat Ali and Syed Ejaz Hussain the editor and operation manager.

The team of Daily K2 Newspaper is very dedicated and hardworking, Along with their professional expertise Raja Hussain Khan has made it possible to provide quality content to its readers. In Daily K2 the news areas are targeted expertly and include all the updates that a reader requires. It contains not only Gilgit News but Urdu news from all over Pakistan. Daily K2 newspaper includes national, international, politics, current affairs, entertainment and sports news.

Other than latest breaking news it also provides opportunities for interested candidates i.e. Daily K2 Jobs is section which is always the centre of attention for the carrier oriented lads. Daily K2 Tenders and K2 Classified Ads are also published in the newspaper for the interested people. It is a very economical newspaper and people can get it by spending just 15 Pakistani Rupees. The newspaper has 8 pages. The first three pages include Urdu News about the current affairs; front page is all covered by the top stories and breaking news headlines from Gilgit Baltistan and all over Pakistan. Fourth page includes the editorials where one can find Daily K2 Columns of different known journalists. Fifth page is all covered with sports news. Seventh page is for the incomplete stories and the last page accompanies it with more space for remaining important news. Daily K2 Columns are also popular among it's readers.

The format of Roznama K2 is reader friendly and that is one of the many reasons of its growing popularity among the people. There are many other qualities which have played an important role in raising the graph of its popularity. One of them is the bold and dynamic way of reporting and providing people the original and quality content. The hardworking team of K2 Akhbar is really successful in creating an environment where people can see the original picture of society. The work of daily K2 newspaper team is really inspiring and has gained a lot of praise from its readers.

About Daily K2 By Daily K2: Daily K-2, Gilgit Baltistan enjoys the honor of being the first daily newspaper of Gilgit Baltistan, which is regularly being published for past 15 years and now enjoys the status of being the most widely read and liked newspaper of Gilgit Baltistan. All of KPN newspapers are enlisted with the central media list of Govt. of Pakistan. Besides its home region, Daily K2 GB also enjoys mass circulation in AJK, Rawalpindi, Islamabad & Karachi. The circulation of Daily K2 in northern areas of Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan) is more than the cumulative circulation of all other national and regional newspapers of Gilgit Baltistan. Our Daily K-2 Rawalpindi and Daily K2 Karachi are also considered among the well read and emerging dailies of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi respectively.

Daily K2 ePaper is available at http//:www.dailyk2.com for its online readers where they can get daily blogs, articles, columns and news feeds.
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