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Daily Mashriq Newspaper 23 July 2024 Tuesday Today ePaper

Daily MashriqDaily Mashriq newspaper is one of the oldest newspaper in the field of journalism and started its journey from Lahore after the daily Kohistan Lahore lost its popularity, and some of the major staff left daily Kohistan. Those staff who left that daily thought of launching a new newspaper named as “Mashriq” and that was the beginning of a new daily in 1903. In those major staff one of them is late Inayatullah who was one of the major investor of daily Kohistan. It was going smoothly until in the year 1946 the “Mashriq” newspaper was taken over by national press trust, which help it to flourish well by adopting some new standards in the field of journalism. The dedicated and professional helped daily mashriq in gaining the popularity among the people of the country. This daily contains all the happenings in the field of entertainment, politics, current affairs, sports and weather. There is a material about kids too to get attention of children and teenagers.

Daily Mashriq Newspaper was procured by Agha Syed Tajmir shah, who was a symbolic businessman in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and became the first chief editor of the daily Mashriq. It was his brave efforts that made this daily one of the best Urdu newspaper in the country, and also with the induction of new practical trends and by printing news as they happen this daily got the readers faith in no time. After the death of the chief editor in ending days of nineteenth century his youngest brother Syed Ayaz Badshah got all the responsibilities on his shoulders and became the chief editor. He made enormous efforts to make this daily one the best among current newspapers.

Like all other newspapers and to be in the competitive world of journalism the chief editor of this daily decided to launch the online version. Which really boost up the circulation rate. Also the trust that the people had on daily Mashriq. The e-paper version of daily mashriq can be viewed by visiting it's official website. Chief editor of Mashriq Epaper is very concerned about the taste of the readers for that reason he introduced some more stuff that particularly for the taste of specific persons. Like Islamic edition for religious people, politics edition that covers all the happenings in politics, fashion edition which covers all the happenings in the fashion industry, kids’ edition for kids, women edition for women in Pakistan and also news related to the sports.

The daily mashriq Peshawar also has its weekly magazine named “Mashriq Sunday Magazine” which contains all the stuff that a reader wants. It is published one every Sunday and people specially women in Pakistan wait for it to know recent news about fashion, beauty, health and other topics relating men and women. Daily mashriq has its facebook page for its fans which can be visiting by typing this address: https://www.facebook.com/dailymashriqpesh

The Daily Mashriq Peshawar can be contacted on the following addresses:

Head Office
Bilal Town, GT Road Peshawar City
P.O.Box 1107
Phone:- 92-91-2651151-2
Fax:- 92-91-2651197-98

Islamabad Office
12 SNC Center, Fazlul Haq Road, Blue Area
Phone:- 92-51-2827132
Fax:- 92-51-2827142

Lahore Office
22, 1st floor, Aiwan-e-Mashriq, 17 Abbortt Road
Phone:- 92-42-6310660

Karachi Office
Room No 4, 1st Floor, Abdul Rusool Building
Phone:- 92-21-2634390
Fax:- 92-21-2636067

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