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Daily Pakistan Newspaper 27 January 2023 Today ePaper

Daily PakistanDaily Pakistan is one of the daily newspapers in Pakistan that gives the reader all the current happenings in Urdu language. Under the editorship of Mr. Mujib Ur Rahman Shami this newspaper has got its popularity graph up day by day. Being the oldest in newspaper family and having the history of providing latest happenings and by the courageous attitude of reporters makes it a popular newspaper in the country. That is why it has a circulation of over 600,000 copies per day. Daily Pakistan is publishing from Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta and Muzaffarabad Simultaneously. Current chief editor or Daily Pakistan is Sardar Khan Niazi who is also a chairman of Pakistan Group of Publications. S.K Niazi is also acting as the CEO of Roz TV channel now a days and his program "Sachi Baat - سچی بات" is very popular.

Daily Pakistan Lahore started its journey in December 1990. This Roznama faced many hardships in the Z.A.Bhutto's democratic rule, because of its bold and breaking news as they happen came to the people. Another factor that helped this Roznama Pakistan gaining the popularity was when one of its writer Hamid Mir that interviewed Osama Bin Laden for the Daily Pakistan in 1997. The Daily Pakistan newspaper has 10 pages and available at a cost of 20 rupees from any hawker.

As all the newspapers doing something new to be updated and be in this competitive world of journalism the editor of Daily Pakistan newspaper also launches its epaper version that continuously follows the taste of readers and can be viewed by visiting: Daily Pakistan ePaper consists of seven tabs that have all the stuff related to the taste of readers. Those tabs contain the happenings within the country, in the world, sports and some other news as the reader wants to see them. Here are the links to visit daily pakistan today epaper publishing from different cities of Pakistan.
Daily Pakistan Lahore:
Daily Pakistan Rawalpindi:
Daily Pakistan Karachi:
Daily Pakistan Peshawar:
Daily Pakistan Multan:
Bachon Ka Pakistan:
Daily Pakistan Zindagi Magazine:

Roznama Pakistan gives its readers the happenings all over the Pakistan as they happen, and the person who is responsible for giving that stuff makes sure that the taste of the readers should have to be followed. To be in the competitive environment of newspaper family the editor of Daily Pakistan newspaper thought of printing a magazine for the children of this country named Bachon Ka Pakistan (بچوں کا پاکستان), that has all the stuff for the children's of this country. Pakistan Akhbar comes with pages named Metropolitan, which contains the review of all the happenings in the last week. That suits those readers who don’t have the time to read the newspaper daily. Daily Pakistan Sunday Magazine also highlights the problem areas of the city that has to be conveyed to the concerned authority.

Daily Pakistan Jobs and tenders are eagerly awaited by young people and businessmen. Daily Pakistan Classified Ads also have important share of popularity in the newspaper. Daily Pakistan provides latest breaking news about politics, health, weather, sports, entertainment, economy, agriculture, education and many other topics. Daily Pakistan Columns and Editorials are read by it's audience daily and it's columnists are very popular. Daily Pakistan Facebook page is also gaining popularity in social groups. Daily Pakistan twitter page is followed by many serious news critics.

The Roznama Pakistan Lahore office can be visited by the following three ways:
Postal address:
Office # 316 3rd floor Impress tower, opposite radio Pakistan Lahore.
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Some Other Important Addresses and Phone Numbers to Contact Daily Pakistan Authorities are:
Address: Daily Pakistan, 41 Jail Road Lahore
Phone Head Office: +924235404061
For Editorial Sarfraz Ali Email:
For Marketing: Asif Jamil Mobile: +923002674767 Phone: +9251-2331689-90 Email:
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