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Daily Shamal

Daily Shamal 27 January 2023 Abbottabad News

Daily ShamalDaily Shamal is a newspaper which has the responsibility to give all the latest happenings as they occur to the people of Abbottabad, the city of pines. It started its journey form Abbottabad in 1990. And from that day Daily Shamal has never failed a single day to provide what it has to provide to its readers. That’s why this daily has gotten the reputation of being one of the best and trust worthy Urdu newspaper of Abbottabad. The main reason behind this is the efficiency of its chief editor and the devotion of the team that makes Daily Shamal to be on the top.

The paper form of Shamal Newspaper is available at any news hawker. Shamal Newspaper covers those readers who want to read this newspaper online while sitting at home or office without spending money. The first page of the online version for this daily gives an overview of all he latest happenings with some burning issues; this page also has the breaking news as it happens. The second page of the online version for this daily provides the paper version which gives the ease to the reader that he/she doesn’t go to any news hawker. Just type in the web address and all the news will be on their desktop without any effort. Shamal ePaper also covers all the news from the city of pines, all the latest happenings from the city of Mansehra, and also all the latest event in the city of Haripur. This daily can be viewed online by typing the following web address

It also facilitates the reader by providing the entire latest happenings nation wide. This daily has the responsibility to keep the reader updated from the world of sports. If a person is fond of sports he/she would have to prefer this daily to keep in touch with all the latest happenings in the world of sports. This daily took the responsibility to keep the business community well informed by giving them the news from the business world to keep them well informed about the changing trends in the business world, it also keep the business community well informed about the current situation of Pakistan economy. Roznama Shamal has also has the gallery of pictures that portrays a common cause or reflects some burning issue. The online version of this daily also equipped with videos gallery that gives the reader some cool stuff and also it gives versatility to the online version for this daily.

Daily Shamal Jobs and Daily Shamal Tenders are popular among Shamal Akhbar readers. Shamal Abbottabad Jobs and Shamal Peshawar Jobs are the popular sections of Shamal Urdu Newspaper. People search for daily newspaper jobs in shamal akhbar to find suitable jobs for them in Government and Private companies. The Price of Shamal Akhbar is 10 Pakistani Rupees and it contains 8 pages full of news, entertainment, information and columns. Shamal Columns and articles are also popular among it's audience.

By seeing the popularity graph going towards up ward direction the chief editor of this daily thought of launching this daily from the city of Muzzafarbad. The main reason behind launching this daily from Muzzafarabad is that the people want this daily to be in their city. So for that reason this daily started to serve the people of Muzzafarabad with same zeal and zest. Daily Shamal Muzzafarabad version can be viewed online by typing the following web address:

Shamal Abbottabad Office:
Chief Editor: Niaz Pasha Jadoon
Daily Shamal Abbottabad
Plot 6-A Small Industrial Estate,
Mansehra Road Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Phone: +92992385577
Official Website:

Mansehra Office:
Chief Editor: Naseer Anwar
Editor daily shamal Muzaffarabad
Phone: 0345-9612450 05822-446938
Official Website:
Email: ,
Facebook ID :

Read Daily Shamal Today Newspaper Here:
Daily Shamal Abbottabad

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