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92 News Live92 News Plus is a one of the renowned Urdu language news TV channel based in Lahore, Pakistan. Mian Muhammad Hanif is the chairman of the channel. The channel is subsidiary of Madina Group. This channel is owned by M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd.

The channel's name, 92, is to celebrate the 1992 Cricket World Cup won by Pakistan. The number 92 is also the country calling code of Pakistan, which is another major reason behind the it's name i.e. 92 News.

92 News HD channel was launched in the 2015. It is the first HD news tv channel of Pakistan having hundreds of reporters in more than 320 cities of Pakistan. Having such a wide network ensures that no news whether minor or major will be ignored from giving coverage by the team of 92 News.

92 News Live is offering the journalistic insight and unbiased coverage on Pakistani political events. 92 News channel is highly acknowledged for the latest headlines, current affairs, sports, weather, business, health, technology, lifestyle and entertainment news in HD experience.

92 News Today is surely a treat for the online viewers of Pakistan and around the world who can experience HD quality news on their mobiles, tablets or laptops instantly. The logo of 92 News Live HD is “Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq” (باخبر باوثوق) shows that the channel is certainly aware of the current happenings in Pakistan and the world and is efficient enough to verify the news from authentic sources before making it public.

Giving competition to other channels, 92 News HD Plus also has a morning show of their own. The morning show titled Bakhabar Subh is telecasted 7 days a week at 8:30 am on 92 News Live. The popularity and high viewership of 92 News channel comes from its interesting shows including Bakhabar Subh, Andher Nagri, Night Edition, News @ 5, Muqabil, Zair e Behas, Subh e Noor, News Room, 92 At 8, Economy Round up, Ho Kiya Raha Hai, 92 Special, and Follow Up are rich in good content and informative for the viewers. All shows are hosted by credible journalists & anchorpersons. Channel 92 TV has been making waves in the news and current affairs due to effective and honest reporting of all political events happening in Pakistan.

92 TV News encourages and creates innovative ideas in the best interest of the company. 92 News Online is Pakistan’s First News HD Channel that has refined and enhanced the experience of the users to a great extent by providing HD quality live tv streaming. Some of renowned anchors and newscasters of 92 News Channel are Tariq Mateen, Nasir Baig Chughtai, Rauf Klasra, Ali Mumtaz, Shazia Zeeshan, Asadullah Khan, Adil Abbasi, Saadia Afzal, and Khushnood Ali Khan to name a few. The anchors and news casters of 92 News Channel is talented and dedicated professionals who have devoted their expertise in delivering authentic news and current affairs show.

92 News Youtube is surely one of the most popularly growing Urdu news channels that is known for broadcasting hourly news bulletins, talk shows, political discussions, comedy and entertainment shows.

The official website of 92 News HD is:
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92 News Frequency: You can watch 92 news hd live on dish antenna by setting this frequency:
Satellite: Paksat 1R
Position: 38.0°E
Frequency: 4023 V
SR FEC: 5700 3/5
The official youtube channel of 29 News is:

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